• about the thing that U2 just did with apple: an amanda and bono and everybody story.

      Love Amanda Palmer to death. The post: Someone pays for it. Either the record label fronts the cost or the fans or the artist… You get the music “free” but it’s not free really. All the costs are just absorbed different ways. Amanda Palmer makes great music. Does it matter how it gets distributed? Not to me. I support her because she’s a wonderful artist, not because she gives it away free or has a make your price model.

      What I think she’s saying is that some people just see this free album as U2 selling out to Apple. That’s besides the point and totally the point. How they do it almost ceases to matter. If the music, the artistry, speaks to you embrace it. But just know that behind the scenes, there’s always a cost. Recording, marketing, producing, time, energy bills, eating…always a cost. 

      The Cure’s CDs sales have probably been steadily nosediving for years. and they have retirement to think about. where will the money come from? they were expecting things to stay the same, and sadly, they haven’t.

      these guys have had their system smashed, fucked, broken, with no obvious solution to repair it. i never had any expectations….because we never made tons of money records. 


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      No words to describe…


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      My friend has a new Pats jersey every season. I wear 93 every year. That’s Richard Seymour and there’s no reason you should know that. This has been in my arsenal for years and even though Seymour moved on and we moved on but there’s still a place in my heart for the jersey.


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      NBC’s Sunday Night Football team (sportscasters Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth and Michele Tafoya), 2014 — tear sheet in Aug. 28 issue of The Hollywood Reporter

      ©2014 JOHN LOOMIS

      I’m in the camp that any NFL football is good football. At least airing the game on CBS gives it a fair shake to be seen by more than 30 people. NFL Network was and continues to be a disaster. The production values on those Thursday night games was always sloppy. There was sort of a b-list approach to the broadcast before. Maybe airing Thursday night games on CBS will change that.


    • That moment when a stranger mistakes your sneeze face for a smile.


    • Concert Central » Tori Amos, Boston Opera House, Boston MA August 15, 2014

      Ninth Tori Amos show and she is still addictive.

      This isn’t the setlist I would have chosen for my perfect Tori Amos concert but I have to say that it was surprisingly satisfying all the same. Tori doesn’t play for the casual fan anymore (I’m on the fence if she ever did). The casual fan gets dragged by their spouse or bestie and sits in the audience and gets chewed up by the experience and spit out. Tori is a beast.

      From Concert Central


    • Concert Central » Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou, Boston Opera House, Boston MA August 15, 2014

      In which I skewer a perfectly adorable couple that I will probably run into in Liverpool next month. Just read it and we’ll speak again in Hell.

      If all of this seems unnecessarily harsh for an adorable singer-songwriter duo from England, know that I totally agree with you. Their musical talent was undeniable. Their affection for one another was evident. That the songs were crafted with care and thought is without question. It just didn’t translate. And that’s putting it mildly.

      from Concert Central


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      Check it out!  I designed the cover for my very own e-book!  

      Over on my flash fiction blog, A Breath of Fiction, I just published my 200th story, so I have collected them all into one volume that is available here as a free e-book via Smashwords.  Hopefully, the book will soon be available via major retailers as well.  

      You should give it a read! It is free after all…

      Cover for A Breath of Fiction, a flash fiction compilation.


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      Copley Square. Boston.


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      Statehouse in Boston. My kinda town.


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