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      It’s almost here! :D Mary Bichner and Planetary Quartet will be playing our next Sailor Moon themed concert THIS Saturday, June 21st at 12:00pm in the Main Events Tent at PortConMaine! See you there everyone! :D

      If you’re in the area, go! Spectacular. Lovely. Other happy words.


    • It's Time To Admit That The Amount Of Information Google Is Gathering About Us Is Genuinely Terrifying (GOOG)

      Google has owned me for years. It does have a big brother whiff to it but it’s so ubiquitous I don’t even notice anymore. Which is both the point and besides the point.

      Google has the largest search engine in the world, biggest video platform (YouTube), biggest web browser (Chrome), most-used email service (Gmail,) and the largest mobile operating system (Android).

      What that all means is that Google essentially knows everything about us — be that what we search for, what ads we click on, what we write about, what we watch, and what apps we like.

      Google’s moonshot projects — like Google Glass and driverless cars — are merely the next steps in Google’s quest to become a total knowledge company. Google’s driverless cars mean the company will know your driving habits and where you like to go. With Glass, people can access information in real-time without having to check a phone. 


    • Far and away my favorite track from this album.


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      New Weird Al. Ready.


    • Concert Central » Jaggery, Oberon June 12, 2014

      Jaggery “For the Record” live concert recording - review

      "The setlist spanned the band’s decade-long career, from the Ten Paintings​/​Ten Songs tracks (the haunting Garden and War Cry) performed for the first time with the full band to a ridiculously affecting performance of Demigod with harmonies by harpist Petaluma Vale.”


    • Concert Central » Mary Bichner and the Planetary Quartet at Oberon June 12, 2014

      Review of Mary Bichner’s thirty-minute opener at Oberon last night. It was spectacular.

      "Mary’s voice is otherworldly, a sublime mix of Kansas farm girl (the energetic set opener Today is the Day) and Joan Sutherland (Finale).”


    • Vastly prefer Jean Luc and Gandalf to James McAvoy and David.


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      Cover Reveal:

      Checkmate The epic conclusion to the Sovereign Son storyline! 


    • Exquisite. Damn.


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      Promotional Poster for Second Job Hero. May find its way on to a t-shirt…


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