• Here's How I Get Ready for Football Season...

      As a consumer of football, I don’t watch the preseason. (I don’t watch any preseason in professional sports for the record) but my football regiment starts at the end of July. Just like the players, I have to stretch and go through my drills in order to be ready for the regular season.

      My prescription includes:

      One hour of Mike&Mike in the morning (5xweekly)

      Pats Propaganda Patriots porn (take daily) (side note: google “patriots porn” every result references Rob Gronkowski)

      Anything by Bill Barnwell (as needed)

      espn.com in the browser window 24x7.

      30 minutes of Pro Football Talk after work (the second half hour tends to be repetitive analysis.)

      Bleacher Report Team Stream notifications pushed to my phone (use as directed) for the following teams: Patriots, Packers, Saints.

      A spoonful of Bill Simmons snark.

      I mix in heavy dose of Fox Sports and CBS Sports apps breaking news when the regular season begins.

      Repeat until the Super Bowl. 


    • Lucy Lawless Joins Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

      Sign me up. Love her!

      Fan-favorite actress Lucy Lawless will join “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” in its second season, TV Guide reveals.

      Lucy Lawless

      Although the details of her role haven’t been disclosed…


    • Second Job Hero Checkmate release date

      Checkmate, part four of the Second Job Hero series, will be released on July 29 wherever ebooks are sold.

      Separated from his friends, injured and desperate, Shiv must find the strength to challenge his cousin’s mad plot and save his family and friends from destruction.

      Wrapping up the first story arc, Second Job Hero is the story of Stephen Tepper who plays the part time role of the superhero Shiv. But with his life turned upside down and his family in perilous danger, Stephen must decide between continuing to playact and choosing to become a real hero.


    • Sometimes, I listen to Weird Al and it’s just noise, but occasionally, it’s either wicked, melodic or both. This one is an absolute standout from the new album. Wickedly entertaining and at least as catchy as anything Lady Gaga has written.


    • photo from Tumblr


      It’s almost here! :D Mary Bichner and Planetary Quartet will be playing our next Sailor Moon themed concert THIS Saturday, June 21st at 12:00pm in the Main Events Tent at PortConMaine! See you there everyone! :D

      If you’re in the area, go! Spectacular. Lovely. Other happy words.


    • It's Time To Admit That The Amount Of Information Google Is Gathering About Us Is Genuinely Terrifying (GOOG)

      Google has owned me for years. It does have a big brother whiff to it but it’s so ubiquitous I don’t even notice anymore. Which is both the point and besides the point.

      Google has the largest search engine in the world, biggest video platform (YouTube), biggest web browser (Chrome), most-used email service (Gmail,) and the largest mobile operating system (Android).

      What that all means is that Google essentially knows everything about us — be that what we search for, what ads we click on, what we write about, what we watch, and what apps we like.

      Google’s moonshot projects — like Google Glass and driverless cars — are merely the next steps in Google’s quest to become a total knowledge company. Google’s driverless cars mean the company will know your driving habits and where you like to go. With Glass, people can access information in real-time without having to check a phone. 


    • Far and away my favorite track from this album.


    • photo from Tumblr



      New Weird Al. Ready.


    • Concert Central » Jaggery, Oberon June 12, 2014

      Jaggery “For the Record” live concert recording - review

      "The setlist spanned the band’s decade-long career, from the Ten Paintings​/​Ten Songs tracks (the haunting Garden and War Cry) performed for the first time with the full band to a ridiculously affecting performance of Demigod with harmonies by harpist Petaluma Vale.”


    • Concert Central » Mary Bichner and the Planetary Quartet at Oberon June 12, 2014

      Review of Mary Bichner’s thirty-minute opener at Oberon last night. It was spectacular.

      "Mary’s voice is otherworldly, a sublime mix of Kansas farm girl (the energetic set opener Today is the Day) and Joan Sutherland (Finale).”


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