Whisper in the Walls

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Whisper in the Walls

by Andrew Marx

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Defining Role: The Burden of Being a Hero

What hides within the heart of a hero? In a new novella, Andrew Marx explores the struggle between good and evil that exists in every man. The story’s hero, known as Cole, relishes his public persona as a playboy and enjoys being a celebrity. But in the spotlight or away from it, Cole takes being a hero seriously. Aided by his longtime friend Rafe, the two exemplify what it means to be a hero.

Courage   Strength   Heart

In one night, Cole’s courage will be tested as a villain walks right into his home and attacks. His strength will be tested in a physical battle that will spill out on to the street. And his heart will be tested by an unexpected betrayal. The walls of friendship will crumble in the ultimate showdown between old friends, one hero and one turned villain…

Praise for Whisper in the Walls

“It pulls you in right away, then is utterly unpredictable.”

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3 Responses to “Whisper in the Walls”

  1. Carly Guerrero Says:

    Lol Thank You Implied photo makes him look like a human Winnie the Pooh

  2. mitra cipta griya Says:

    good,i like

  3. Dewa Bob Says:

    It all depends on the character of Cole, too !

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